Share and Learn, 2016

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Community Story Highlights

Share and Learn, 2015

Share and Learn Program
Share and Learn Session Description and Bios
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Share and Learn N McPherson
Forgotten Tool – Use of Self
Thrive Over 55, S’épanouir après 55 ans

Share and Learn, 2014

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Community Story Highlights

BC Chew
Healthy Lives & Conditions: Health Equity Approaches
3 Keys to Championing Healthy Eating
Leader’s Pack

Share and Learn November, 2013

Speaker Bio and Session Descriptions
Path to Prevention Community Story Highlights

Speaker Notes
Dick OBrien – Adaptive People and Resilient Communities 2013
Dick OBrien – Personal Resiliency in Challenging Times Compass 2013
Dick OBrien – Personal Resiliency in Challenging Times Handout 2013
Dick OBrien – The Journey of Life Winnipeg 2013
Manitoba Vegetable and Fruit Program Leaflet 2013
Sandra Allison – Prevention vs Cure Health Cares David and Goliath

Share and Learn December, 2012

Session Descriptions

Share and Learn December, 2011

Highlights of our Collaborative Work “the voice of community experience”
Share and Learn December, 2011 Agenda
Breaking Ground for Mental Wellbeing (Chris Hoeschen)
Telling Our Stories Highlights
Tobacco Tackle Overview
Responding to Student and Community Needs
Quick Fixes – Make it Healthy (Caroline LeClair)

Black Bean Chili Recipe
Chicken Fajitas Recipe (Jamie Oliver)
Lentil Granola Bars Recipe
Lentil Quiche Recipe
Pulse Canada Recipe Book

The Power of Stories – Speaking With Impact (Bev Doern)
Walking Audit (Green Action Centre)
“Home on the Range” Families & food together! (Carol Schnittjer)
Home on Range Resources and Recipes
Play Made Easy (Dave Little & Kylo Harris) Resources
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